Onboard Expression


Leave Your Pedalboard. But Stay In Control!

Imagine being free to move around on the stage without having to worry about making it back to your pedalboard to stomp your boost pedal for that solo, add reverb or change preset on your amp modeler…

That is exactly what you get with the Noatronic Onboard Expression system. Freedom to move around and to keep focus on what really matters – playing guitar and expressing your music!

3 components. 1 system. Endless Possibilities.


After installing the Controller (push-push potentiometer) and the stereo TRS jack connector in your guitar, you simply use a TRS jack cable from the guitar to the Receiver.

No batteries inside the guitar... "But ehh... what? What kind of voodoo is this...?"
Well, the guitar remains passive and completely analog. All the digital stuff is going on in the Receiver.

The Receiver simply reads the Controllers position and switch status and then communicates with pedals, amps and amp modelers, using its MIDI, Expression and Switch outputs.

Now, you will be able to control effects directly from your guitar – away from your pedals and amps.

Sacrifice the tone pot you didn't really use anyway and you're golden.

Control Amp Modellers

If your setup includes amp modelers, such as the Fractal Audio Axe FX, Kemper Profiler or Line 6 Helix, you can control them in endless ways with the Onboard Expression system. Be careful though, you can really get lost experimenting with this - it is literally endless!

What about switching between 6 different presets right from your guitar, using MIDI Program Changes - do you really need more than 6 presets? Or how about controlling all kinds of effect parameters using MIDI CC messages or by using the Expression output.

Control Pedals

Control effect parameters on pedals such as Strymons by using either the MIDI or the Expression output. Change MIDI presets on digitally controlled pedals such as the Lunastone Three Stage Rocket.

Control Old School Amps

Using the Switch output of the Receiver, the push-push function of the Controller can be used to switch between clean and drive channels on old school 2-channel amps.

In other words, your new independence of your pedalboard gives you literally limitless possibilities to control your stuff from the guitar. Now focus on your playing and roam around the stage as you like - be a rockstar!


What You See Is What You Get

The visual feedback is actually what inspired our logo. The slightly larger LED in the middle indicates whether the Controller has been pushed – when active it lights up in beautiful red.

The three LEDs surrounding the Switch LED indicates the position of the rotating Controller. They gradually light up in blue when the Controller is turned.


The Switching Trio


On the Receiver you'll find a trio of switches that each serves a certain purpose.

The left switch sets the MIDI output mode. In the upper position, it transmits MIDI Program Changes, in the middle position it transmits Snapshot/Scene messages and the lower position it transmits CC Messages.


The middle switch sets the Switch output mode. The upper position is Momentary-Normally-Open, the middle position is Latching-Normally-Open and the lower position is Latching-Normally Closed.

The last switch is used for calibration and for setting the MIDI output channel.


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